Version 1.2.0

Released Apr 6, 2020

  • Feature Added new temperate planet environment.
  • Feature Added campfire construction for nighttime lighting before base construction begins.
  • Feature Added light construction parts.
  • Feature Added door construction parts.
  • Feature Added window construction parts.
  • Feature Added ramp construction parts.
  • Feature Added wedge construction parts.
  • Feature Added stairs construction part.
  • Feature Added door lock and unlock capability for planetary governors.
  • Feature Added reinforced version of construction parts with added hit points.
  • Feature Added color picker to allow colors to configure light color.
  • Feature Added shield building for automated planet defensive capability.
  • Feature Added turret building for automated planet offensive capability.
  • Feature Added starships can now vertically land or take-off on command.
  • Enhancement The camera field of view (vertical FOV) is now configurable.
  • Fix The planet construction UI is now right-aligned with wide-screen resolutions.
  • Fix Showing the settings screen (F1) from explore mode now shows a cursor.
  • Fix Construction placement now detects and avoids collisions with neighboring parts.
  • Fix Characters sit properly in rotated chairs.
  • Game Balance Horde starships now randomly attack player bases while player is logged in.


Version 1.1.1

Released Mar 30, 2020

  • Fix Done flight pathing and performance improved.
  • Fix Reloading a planetside environment no longer causes light probe corruption.
  • Fix The Settler Mission no longer spawns pirates with unavailable weapons.

Version 1.1.0

Released Jan 31, 2020

  • Feature Added rank (levels) for character experience increases. Each rank has unique insignia.
  • Feature Added 70 trainable character skills. Characters gain skill points for each rank gained.
  • Feature Added initial support for props, including soccer balls and chairs.
  • Feature Added character clothing options. Initial items include hats, eye patch, scarfs, pouches, and backpack.
  • Feature Added pick axe and associated animation for ore and crystal mining.
  • Feature Added ship communicator to allow characters to recall distant starships.
  • Feature Added resource drops for clothing, props, weapons, and basic technology.
  • Feature Added artifact resource drops for experience, skill points, and rare technology.
  • Feature Added highly important ability to sit in chair.
  • Feature Added playable character, the Synthetic. Synths are loyal to the AI Core.
  • Feature Added non-playable character, the Horde. He will hurt you.
  • Feature Added additional world physics. e.g. soccer balls roll down hills and may be picked up.
  • Feature Added Starships may now affect the environment, including the ability to known down trees.
  • Feature Added initial in-game achievements for successful mission completion.
  • Enhancement Enemy starships now enter planetary atmospheres from a random heading.
  • Enhancement The planet status screen now shows icons for underpowered or disabled buildings.
  • Enhancement Cursor color changes when hovering above interactive 2D and 3D objects.
  • Enhancement Buildings now burn when severely damaged.
  • Enhancement Planetside wreckage now shows a targeting (radar) icon.
  • Enhancement User interface scaling may now be changed during gameplay.
  • Enhancement Gamepad support has been improved across many screens.
  • Fix Character interaction, including harvesting, is significantly improved.
  • Fix Avatar eyes no longer disappear when distance to camera is small.
  • Fix Improved handling of input when 3D world and 2D user interfaces receive simultaneous input.
  • Fix User interfaces with embedded render targets (profile, ship, shipyard, and tutorial) now render simultaneously.
  • Fix Gamepad input may now advance inventory selection beyond disabled items.
  • Fix Settler Mission now acknowledges early construction of buildings.
  • Fix Settler Mission colonist starship can no longer crash outside the playable area.
  • Fix Reflections shown at night no longer severely impact rendering performance.
  • Fix Constructing a building at close range no longer clips characters through terrain.
  • Game Balance Settlers no longer receive experience for planet creation during tutorial.
  • Game Balance Settlers receive a lumber axe, pick axe, and starship communicator.
  • Game Balance Starship attack damage randomizes based on equipped weapons.
  • Game Balance Some enemy combatants use hit and fade tacticts while others fight to the death.
  • Game Balance Commodity production scales as additional refineries are added.

Version 1.0.0

Released Dec 2, 2019

  • Feature Initial release.