Version 1.0.35

Released November 30th, 2023

  • Gameplay Organics extraction rate increased from 2 to 3 organics per tick.
  • Gameplay Ore extraction rate increased from 2 to 3 organics per tick.
  • Enhancement Added additional colony construction icons.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which could cause targets to appear incorrectly.


Version 1.0.34

Released November 29th, 2023

  • Feature Added new buildings colony management screen which shows buildings sorted by function.
  • Feature Added production status tooltips for buildings.
  • Feature Added animated flags for all static factions.
  • Enhancement Added new colony construction icons.
  • Fix Eliminated framerate hitching caused by synchronous loading of audio tracks.


Version 1.0.33

Released November 22nd, 2023

  • Feature Added new commodities: food, water, polymers, cores.
  • Feature Added new colonist metrics for growth: food, shelter, health, and housing.
  • Feature Added colonist morale, which determines overall planet productivity.
  • Feature Added planet revenue, expenses, and net metrics for tracking planet profitability.
  • Feature Added planet habitability metric for population growth.
  • Feature Added new colony management system and user interface.
  • Feature Added interstellar market building for buying and selling resources.
  • Feature Added terraformer building for improving a planet's habitability.
  • Feature Added medical complex building for improving colonist's health.
  • Feature Added habitat building for growing a colony's population.
  • Feature Added entertainment building to create ammenities.
  • Feature Added water pump for water extraction.
  • Enhancement Camera motion blur effects are now disabled by default.
  • Enhancement Added improved vector-based graphics for space station user interfaces.
  • Enhancement Holding the left mouse button now continues harvesting actions (chopping, breaking).
  • Enhancement Single-left clicking in exploration mode now shows the cursor.
  • Fix Fixed an issue which caused blueprints to save only 65535 parts per unique material.
  • Fix Fixed an issue which caused blueprints to open in read-only mode.
  • Fix Fixed an issue which caused player chop animations to advance a player forward.
  • Fix Fixed an issue which caused incorrect lighting after undocking from a space station.
  • Fix Switching from building placement to planet exploration no longer prevents tree harvesting.
  • Fix Fixed an issue which caused UI blur to appear differently than intended.
  • Fix Decreased friction of harvested ore and crystals, which may roll down surfaces.


Version 1.0.32

Released November 2nd, 2023

  • Feature Added first officer selection during player creation.
  • Feature NPC memories are now stored and retrieved from the cloud on-demand.
  • Feature NPC speech is now generated in advance of companion selection.
  • Enhancement Added letterboxing effect during NPC interactions.
  • Enhancement Ambient sound volume decreases while NPCs are talking.
  • Enhancement The inline chat window now scrolls to most recent text when reopened.
  • Enhancement Added performance improvements to the Corsair lighting integration.
  • Enhancement Tutorial pop-ups now intelligently wait before reappearing.
  • Enhancement Character creation now shows starting class illustrations.
  • Enhancement Added capability to disable generative AI text and audio for publishing to Steam.
  • Enhancement Administrative dashboard now shows real-time AI interactions.
  • Fix Scanning NPCs now shows a waist-up profile of the scanned NPC.
  • Fix Previously created blueprints may now be resaved.
  • Fix Designer camera controls now allows simultaneous forward and lateral movement.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which caused tooltips to appear at an incorrect resolution.
  • Fix Displaying the FPS counter via the console no longer displays an error.
  • Fix Resolved issue which could cause audio to pop during screen transitions.
  • Fix Resolved issue which could cause the ship to spin after planet take-off.
  • Platform Continued development and support for Xbox platform.


Version 1.0.31

Released October 17th, 2023

  • Enhancement Ambient sound volume is now adjustable.
  • Fix Resolved issue which could cause the tutorial to appear while engaged in NPC conversation.


Version 1.0.30

Released October 13th, 2023

  • Enhancement Added new soundtracks for planet and space environments.
  • Platform Continued development and support for Xbox platform.


Version 1.0.29

Released October 4th, 2023

  • Enhancement Added NPC speech audio processing.
  • Fix Repaired physics settings for planetside game objects (trees, drones).


Version 1.0.28

Released September 29th, 2023

  • Enhancement Improved NPC speech to text quality.
  • Enhancement Increased range of NPC voices.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which prevented NPC responses from appearing.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which caused NPCs to fall through ground.


Version 1.0.27

Released September 26th, 2023

  • Enhancement Gamepad input may now be disabled from the settings screen.
  • Enhancement Added improved vector-based graphics for weapons and stellar targeting.
  • Enhancement Jump beacons show destination details, including system name and star configuration.
  • Fix Addressed memory leaks in voice over workflows.
  • Fix Addressed memory leaks in NPC animation workflows.
  • Fix Resolved issue which could prevent starship callsigns from appearing.


Version 1.0.26

Released September 22nd, 2023

  • Enhancement Added improved vector-based graphics for clothing and weapons.
  • Enhancement Added starship medium and large thrusters.


Version 1.0.25

Released September 19th, 2023

  • Feature Added an inline chat window which combines chatting with emotes.
  • Enhancement Added improved vector-based graphics for inventory assets.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which negatively impacted realtime shadow quality.
  • Fix Aborting the Settler mission no longer blocks offworld progression.


Version 1.0.24

Released September 15th, 2023

  • Feature Added blueprint sharing options (everyone, faction, party, contest)
  • Fix Resolved a bug which could cause the cursor to not appear on the main title screen.
  • Fix Users are no longer prompted to save a blueprint if the blueprint is unchanged.
  • Fix Saving an unnamed blueprint no longer results in a save-as operation.


Version 1.0.23

Released September 12th, 2023

  • Feature Introduced blueprint designer for crafting unique starships, stations, and buildings.
  • Feature Added sixty-seven voxel shapes for blueprint creation.
  • Feature Enabled voxelization import to streamline creation of blueprints from existing 3d models.
  • Feature Introduced a user interface for easy selection of player emotes.
  • Feature Added an ownership UI to show which faction or player territory ownership.
  • EnhancementImproved navigation waypoints with improved user interace.
  • EnhancementEliminated heap memory allocations in client and server network code.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which could cause phantom gamepad input on systems with virtualization enabled.
  • Fix Fixed an issue which could prevent starship callsigns from appearing.
  • Fix Addressed an issue which prevented AI defender strategies from working as expected.


Version 1.0.22

Released July 11th, 2023

  • Feature Targeting now shows whether the currently selected weapon is within range.
  • Enhancement Improved formatting of server-side scripting output.
  • Enhancement AI players no longer multicast threats directed to other AI players.
  • Enhancement Combat status messages are now sent only to direct combatants.
  • Fix Targets which are occluded by planets or stars are no longer displayed.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which could cause an AI to attack itself.
  • Fix The cursor is now shown or hidden based on connected peripherals.


Version 1.0.21

Released July 7th, 2023

  • Enhancement Added visually improved targeting system.
  • Enhancement Added new and improved vector-based graphics for in-game actions.
  • Enhancement Improved rigid body interpolation for smoother camera movement.
  • Enhancement The planet resources summary now shows a warning if there is insufficient power.
  • Enhancement Harvesting progress bars now show the resource harvested.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which blocked asteroid mining.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which caused AI players to disembark from starships.
  • Fix AI players no longer receive mission rewards intended for human players.
  • Fix Resolved issue which caused keyboard UI navigation to fail.
  • Fix The player's backback no longer shows planetary resources.
  • Fix AI players will no longer attack or hail players engaged in the tutorial.


Version 1.0.20

Released June 23rd, 2023

  • Enhancement Dialog options for AI opponents engaged in combat improved.
  • Enhancement Organized server commands by target (i.e. ship, planet, star system.
  • Enhancement Added server command for listing AI pathfinding state.
  • Gameplay Frequency of damage caused by star proximity decreased.
  • Fix Resolved in issue which caused weapon hit behavior to not reflect game server state.
  • Fix Improved keyboard and mouse targeting behavior during combat.
  • Fix Armor and shield repair sound effects restored.
  • Fix Chat console is now cleared when a player logs out.


Version 1.0.19

Released June 21st, 2023

  • Enhancement Continued user interface enhancements.
  • Enhancement Tutorial missions may now be cancelled.
  • Fix AI pathfinding no longer blocks an AI from subsequent planet landings.
  • Fix Random AIs no longer attack players during an active tutorial.
  • Fix Notifications no longer block pop-up user interface interactions.
  • Fix Scan operations are now visible to the mission scripting system.
  • Fix Screenshot capture functionality has been restored.


Version 1.0.16

Released June 17th, 2023

  • Feature The improvement of user interface aesthetics continues.
  • Feature News is now shown in the faction screen.
  • Feature Faction banners now appear on the character selection screen (WIP).
  • Feature Player level and title now appears on the character selection screen.
  • Enhancement Resources may now be transferred via cargo and backpack screens.
  • Enhancement Added additional tooltips throughout user interface.
  • Enhancement The cockpit camera field of view (vertical FOV) is now configurable.
  • Enhancement The player camera field of view (vertical FOV) is now configurable.
  • Enhancement Starship target selection may now be cycled using the keyboard (F/G Key)
  • Enhancement Starship target selection may now be cancelled using the keyboard (Hold B Key)
  • Fix Starship landing sequence now disables prior follow instructions.
  • Fix Starship weapon fire now reflect server-side hit/miss mechanics.
  • Fix Resolved a scenario in which planetside terrain deformation is not reset.


Version 1.0.15

Released May 30th, 2023

  • Feature Added new user interface for login, character creation, and tutorials.
  • Feature Exploration and territorial expansion missions are now available at stardocks.
  • Feature Active missions are now shown in the missions screen. This is a work in progress.
  • Fix Station UI and menus update accordingly after a repair, recharge, or refuel action.
  • Fix Removed allocations in Corsair integration logic.
  • Fix Removed allocations in color sampling logic.
  • Fix Removed an issue which could cause a subsequent login to fail after exiting a play session.


Version 1.0.14

Released May 5th, 2023

  • Fix Resolved an issue which could cause the licensing screen to reappear after license acceptance.
  • Feature Added just in time voice generation for GPT NPCs.
  • Feature Added ability to configure planet access rights.


Version 1.0.13

Released Apr 25th, 2023

  • Fix Screen resolution settings are now persisted properly when Unity misreports refresh rate.
  • Fix Improved gamepad user interface actions when item popups appear.
  • Game Balance Decreased the amount of oil required to produce equipment by 1/2.


Version 1.0.12

Released Apr 21st, 2023

  • Fix Environmental damage for a player's starship is no longer multicast to other players.
  • Fix Repairing a starship at a station no longer triggers a security warning.
  • Fix Network telemetry update frequency has changed to once per second.


Version 1.0.11

Released Apr 19th, 2023

  • Feature Added additional command interpreter features.
  • Fix The cursor is no longer improperly hidden on title screen.
  • Fix Horde players that are controlled by humans may now hail other species.
  • Fix Starship orientation no longer affects the orientation of a disembarked player.
  • Fix Starship autopilot waypoint navigation is now reset upon completion of a jump.
  • Fix Fixed two broken settler mission tutorial voice overs.
  • Fix On gamepads, the default harvesting button is now right trigger.


Version 1.0.10

Released Apr 14th, 2023

  • Feature Added generative AI NPCs
  • Feature Added generative AI News Editor
  • Fix Fixed an issue relating to foot placement and animation baking.
  • Fix Hats no longer cast incorrect shadows on players.
  • Fix Building placement no longer fails if a gamepad is connected.
  • Fix Characters no longer jump when building is placed.
  • Fix Planetside character camera clipping plane adjusted to show distant mountains.
  • Game Balance Hydrogen crystal to processed hydrogen crystal ratio changed to 80:1.


Version 1.0.9

Released Feb 27, 2023

  • Feature PvP ship combat has been added.
  • Feature PvP ship to building combat has been added.
  • Fix Scan and salvage distance calculations are now accurate for moving planetary objects.
  • Fix Players no longer fall through ground when disembarking from a landed starship.
  • Fix External players are now visible from a starship's cockpit.
  • Fix Colonists are no longer included in random cargo drops.
  • Fix Mining a planet that is unowned by a player causes resources to go to starship open cargo holds.
  • Game Balance Increased equipment drops in Settler mission.
  • Game Balance Planetary citadel targeting reticles are now visible regardless of visible obstruction.


Version 1.0.8

Released Feb 24, 2023

  • Enhancement Added environment selection (developer, preview, release) in settings.
  • Fix Global kills leaderboard has been restored.
  • Fix Networked players no longer jump or crouch in a loop.
  • Fix Fixed an issue involving debris and loot drops colliders.
  • Fix Increased the range of stellar salvage operations.
  • Fix It is no longer possible to place overlapping buildings.
  • Fix Waypoint distance is now shown when plotting a route using nearby services.
  • Fix AI players will not target distant starships at the fringes of a star system.
  • Fix AI players will not open a hailing channel with players engaged in a system jump.


Version 1.0.7

Released Feb 22, 2023

  • Feature Homeworld planets now show an industrialized city background scene.
  • Enhancement Added game setting and hotkey (F5) to toggle display of the UI.
  • Enhancement Added sound effects for canopy open/close and door open/close.
  • Enhancement Added a targeting indicator for planetside players.
  • Enhancement Jump beacon targeting is now obscured by stars and planets.
  • Enhancement All new players now receive a torch in their inventory.
  • Fix Floors and building foundations no longer float when placed by a separate networked player.
  • Fix Unlocked doors now open for networked players.
  • Fix Restored functionality of two emotes, cough and relief.
  • Fix Stellar debris is dropped as starships are damaged.
  • Fix It is no longer possible to land on homeworlds.
  • Fix Resolved networking issue when equiping tools and clothing.
  • Fix The Settler mission no longer fails if the Horde starship is destroyed.
  • Fix Resolved an issue with certain planet names having a hidden end-of-line character.
  • Fix Entering orbit from a planet no longer disables targeting if a citadel is not built.
  • Fix Resolved an issue which could cause allies to attack a friendly player.
  • Fix When display is set to windowed mode window position and size is remembered.


Version 1.0.6

Released Feb 11, 2023

  • Feature Game sound tracks are now adaptive and respond to in-game action.
  • Feature Introduced new stellar, planet, and action soundtracks.
  • Feature Added interaction with AI players (request, demands, story).
  • Feature Added first pass of star system ownership user interface.
  • Feature Characters may now emote actions using /emote.
  • Feature Added jump beacons for jump navigation guidance.
  • Feature Improved AI ship navigation (attack, retreat, avoidance).
  • Feature Added custom Corsair iCUE lighting integration.
  • Enhancement Improved controls for thrust and automatic engine engagement.
  • Enhancement Added Human settler introduction voice over.
  • Enhancement Introduced numerous improvements to starship HUD.
  • Fix Resolved a bug relating to player hair customization.
  • Fix Resolved a bug which caused resource asset prices to list below market value.
  • Fix Fixed an issue relating to starship map orientation.
  • Fix Fixed an issue affecting starship jump calculations and fuel management.
  • Fix Addressed many issues affecting player synchronziation and network performance.
  • Fix Addressed many issues relating to planetside combat.


Version 1.0.5

  • Enhancement Improved quality of user-interface anti-aliasing.
  • Enhancement Network communication now prioritizes TCP/IP socket connections over HTTP.
  • Fix Targeting user interface now scales with display resolution.


Version 1.0.4

  • Feature Added planetside turrets now fire upon enemy invaders.
  • Feature Added ships, stations, and buildings now show armor and shield levels.
  • Enhancement Improved visual quality of icon rendering
  • Game Balance Decreased armor of planetary citadels.


Version 1.0.3

  • Feature Added new temperate planet environment.
  • Feature Added campfire construction for nighttime lighting before base construction begins.
  • Feature Added light construction parts.
  • Feature Added door construction parts.
  • Feature Added window construction parts.
  • Feature Added ramp construction parts.
  • Feature Added wedge construction parts.
  • Feature Added stairs construction part.
  • Feature Added door lock and unlock capability for planetary governors.
  • Feature Added reinforced version of construction parts with added hit points.
  • Feature Added color picker to allow light colors to be changed.
  • Feature Added shield building for automated planet defensive capability.
  • Feature Added turret building for automated planet offensive capability.
  • Feature Added starships can now vertically land or take-off on command.
  • Fix The planet construction UI is now right-aligned with wide-screen resolutions.
  • Fix Showing the settings screen (F1) from explore mode now shows a cursor.
  • Fix Construction placement now detects and avoids collisions with neighboring parts.
  • Fix Characters sit properly in rotated chairs.
  • Game Balance Horde starships now randomly attack player bases while player is logged in.


Version 1.0.2

  • Fix Done flight pathing and performance improved.
  • Fix Reloading a planetside environment no longer causes light probe corruption.
  • Fix The Settler Mission no longer spawns pirates with unavailable weapons.

Version 1.0.1

  • Feature Added rank (levels) for character experience increases. Each rank has unique insignia.
  • Feature Added 70 trainable character skills. Characters gain skill points for each rank gained.
  • Feature Added initial support for props, including soccer balls and chairs.
  • Feature Added character clothing options. Initial items include hats, eye patch, scarfs, pouches, and backpack.
  • Feature Added pick axe and associated animation for ore and crystal mining.
  • Feature Added ship communicator to allow characters to recall distant starships.
  • Feature Added resource drops for clothing, props, weapons, and basic technology.
  • Feature Added artifact resource drops for experience, skill points, and rare technology.
  • Feature Added highly important ability to sit in chair.
  • Feature Added playable character, the Synthetic. Synths are loyal to the AI Core.
  • Feature Added non-playable character, the Horde. He will hurt you.
  • Feature Added additional world physics. e.g. soccer balls roll down hills and may be picked up.
  • Feature Added Starships may now affect the environment, including the ability to known down trees.
  • Feature Added initial in-game achievements for successful mission completion.
  • Enhancement Enemy starships now enter planetary atmospheres from a random heading.
  • Enhancement The planet status screen now shows icons for underpowered or disabled buildings.
  • Enhancement Cursor color changes when hovering above interactive 2D and 3D objects.
  • Enhancement Buildings now burn when severely damaged.
  • Enhancement Planetside wreckage now shows a targeting (radar) icon.
  • Enhancement User interface scaling may now be changed during gameplay.
  • Enhancement Gamepad support has been improved across many screens.
  • Fix Character interaction, including harvesting, is significantly improved.
  • Fix Avatar eyes no longer disappear when distance to camera is small.
  • Fix Improved handling of input when 3D world and 2D user interfaces receive simultaneous input.
  • Fix User interfaces with embedded render targets (profile, ship, shipyard, and tutorial) now render simultaneously.
  • Fix Gamepad input may now advance inventory selection beyond disabled items.
  • Fix Settler Mission now acknowledges early construction of buildings.
  • Fix Settler Mission colonist starship can no longer crash outside the playable area.
  • Fix Reflections shown at night no longer severely impact rendering performance.
  • Fix Constructing a building at close range no longer clips characters through terrain.
  • Game Balance Settlers no longer receive experience for planet creation during tutorial.
  • Game Balance Settlers receive a lumber axe, pick axe, and starship communicator.
  • Game Balance Starship attack damage randomizes based on equipped weapons.
  • Game Balance Some enemy combatants use hit and fade tacticts while others fight to the death.
  • Game Balance Commodity production scales as additional refineries are added.

Version 1.0.0

  • Feature Initial release.