Stardocks are the diamonds in the rough within the rocky and desolate expanse of the universe. These modern marvels of engineering and technology represent the coalition of the finest goods and resources that the universe has on offer. Here are where the most powerful, rich, and influential peoples meet. Here you will find all manner of powerful figures who seek to converse, mingle, and even conspire with others.

No expense is spared in the construction of these massive and towering structures. The finest building materials are used and the latest technology is employed. The casinos on board these stations are among the most extravagant and widely regarded in the galaxy. Though cheating is highly discouraged, there are many who attempt to bend the rules to their will. Like many extravagant civilizations, these Stardocks and by extension, their casinos, have hidden areas where the flash and substance give way to the dark and unsavory elements of society. These casinos Feature games of chance from every race, these melting pots of culture attract only the wealthiest of travelers who all too often leave with empty pockets.