The Keth Republic

“Where other races are content to lie and cheat their way to fortune and happiness, we do not simply wait for our fortune to come to us; we seize it through combat. Our ways are old, but not broken, and we will never stain the memories of our ancestors by changing our society to match those around us. The Keth are strong, the Keth are noble, but most of all, the Keth abide to ancient codes of honor that will never fade.”
- Keth Elder

The Republic is composed of the Keth, a race of bipedal reptilians who stand over seven feet tall, in most cases. It has been said that they possess quiet nobility, but also ferocity unmatched by any other species in the known universe.

The Keth are an unusual mix of a strict warrior culture mixed with a government that is structured like a republic, encouraging citizens to partake in voting and legislature. The codes of the Keth are honorable and ancient, dating back farther than most civilizations.

The Keth have conquered many worlds and take the technology of these races into their own to create an amalgamation of different weapons and domestic tools from all different races and factions.

The Keth are not above trading with others; however, the sense of honor and nobility that permeates their culture is ever present in their business transactions. A sour deal or a cheating deal usually ends with the perpetrator lying in a pool of their own gathering blood.