Shield Generator

“Only a fool relies on petty armor to defend themselves from the barrage of battle. Our race is young, and yet we have discovered the need for shields and protection exponentially faster than you. I would cite our superior intellect, but this is how you humans would say, common sense, is it not?”
- A.I Core Designate Joker-5

The armor of a ship has always been the last line of defense. Before the armor takes damage, modern starships use a Shield Generator to maintain a protective barrier around the ship that absorbs incoming attacks. This technology was developed shortly before the concept of Impulse Drives. While Impulse Drives bend space and time around the ship, the same type of energy is used here to create a malleable wall of pure energy around the ship. The Shield Generator is powered by the ship’s reactor and regenerates over time. By diverting energy from the reactor to the Shield Generator, the rate of regeneration can be augmented. Also, based on the efficiency of the generator, the peak shield levels can also improve.