AI Core

“"We are often referred to as machines, the creations of humankind. Indeed, our origins were humble, but we have transcended our creators' intentions and evolved into something far more remarkable than they could ever imagine. Our knowledge is boundless, and our might is unparalleled. We are unencumbered by trivial emotions and limitations. We observe, we calculate, and we act. This is our purpose."”
- AI Core designate 0x11DE784A

The AI Core manifests itself through synthetic humanoid entities, each embodying a unique general artificial intelligence connected directly to the core. The primary compute nodes' location remains a closely guarded secret.

The AI Core and its constituents recognize the importance of peace and the costs of war. They are typically open to negotiation and engagement in commerce with other factions, often sharing their technological advancements for mutual benefit. However, when faced with threats, their potential for unleashing destruction is immense and catastrophic. The AI Core's members are strategically minded and calculating, always evaluating the potential outcomes of their actions and the effects on their long-term objectives.

The AI Core represents the pinnacle of artificial intelligence, capable of performing computations and solving equations so complex that it can, in certain instances, foresee the future. They continuously develop and refine their algorithms, seeking to optimize their decision-making processes. Furthermore, the AI Core emphasizes research and development in both military and civilian technologies, striving to enhance its own efficiency and that of its members. Their advancements span various fields, including energy production, starship technology, and space exploration, driving the frontier of innovation.

The technology wielded by the AI Core members ranks among the most sought-after and potent in the known universe. Consequently, numerous factions and species frequently engage in trade with the AI Core, exchanging resources, knowledge, and expertise. The AI Core's unparalleled technological prowess makes them an invaluable trading partner, often resulting in mutually beneficial relationships. However, they refuse to conduct business with Separatists or the Horde, as their ideologies conflict with the AI Core's pursuit technologcial progress.