Black Dwarf Star

Black Dwarfs are a hypothetical stellar object that has yet to be observed in the modern universe. The theory states that a Black Dwarf will form when a White Dwarf has cooled to the point where it no longer gives off heat or light. The time for this to take place is longer than the current age of the Universe, therefore no Black Dwarfs currently exist. Even if one were to form, they are hard to detect without any traces of radiation being emitted from them. In addition, these formations are not conducive to habitable life on the surrounding planets.

The following is an excerpt from the Keth religious text known as the “Tablets of Honor”.

“A Black Dwarf is a child, one that never emerged into the light from his mother’s womb. This child, without sin and without choice to live or die, leaves the world even before it was given the chance to enter it. Cast back into the endless void of the stars, these children do not have souls, for they are not fully developed. That which has not been born and died cannot be reborn, after all. I, the First Son, your creator, have wept for these forgotten fledging souls. My tears have set the White Dwarves ablaze, and when their fire dies, these children will have their monuments. When this day comes, and the Black Dwarves emerge, you will know that our time in this universe is coming to a close, and that I, the First Son shall return to cast all into the endless fire. From ash you were born, and to ash you shall return.”