Weapon Hardpoint

A marvel of modern technology and entrepreneurship, the Weapon Hardpoint is yet another engineering design in modern starships that allows for continued expansion and profit for the manufacturer, by allowing the ship to be upgraded with more Hardpoints, depending on the ship’s size and design. This ability to expand means that the manufacture can gain additional profits from the continued patronage of ship captains looking to expand their offensive and defensive capabilities. Weapons mounted upon a starship must be attached to a Hardpoint, which directly integrates them with both the Reactor and Tactical Computer. While convenient, these Hardpoints also limit the number of weapons a ship can use at once.

Depending on the ship, certain numbers of Weapon Hardpoints can be added to boost the maximum number of weapons. However, even with these additional Hardpoints ship captains must still take into account the energy costs to use and fire these weapons. Simply having Hardpoints is not enough; you must have the energy to power them as well.