Black Hole

Black Holes are an enigmatic and ominous subject of discussion. Simply stated, they are a region of space that has become so compacted and gravitationally powerful that it pulls everything, light included, into its depths. The point of no return from which nothing can escape is referred to as the Event Horizon. Rumors from both eye witnesses and local denizens indicate that ships representing the A.I Core faction have been known to safely travel through these. Such rumors remain unsubstantiated and representatives of the A.I Core have declined to comment.

The following is an excerpt from the Keth religious text known as the “Tablets of Honor”.

“One soul cannot destroy another. A soul is eternal; it is an endless force set into motion and cannot simply be erased. Why then, do I look upon these abyssal holes in the fabric of space and watch as they devour entire stars? Those souls are not destroyed they are simply trapped within that terrible mass.

A Black Hole is the reincarnation of not a single person, but many. It is an amalgamation of souls chained together in eternal torment. These are murderers, traitors, liars, and cheaters. Bound together, their screeching cries rip open the beautiful tapestry of this universe, and consume all who would venture too close into their hellish nightmare.

I shall return to break these chains and release the stray souls that have fallen wrongly into that prison. Those who have been punished will be cleansed in the endless fire. Their sin is as black as the prison they inhabit, but the fires of the First Son, my fires, will wash them clean.”