The Syndicate

“You don’t know our names or where we live, and you never will. We trade in blood, technology, people – you name it, and we can get it for you, at the right price. War isn’t profitable, unless you know who to sell to. We are interstellar businessmen. We don’t care who we sell to or who we buy from, so long as the money’s good. Be careful, though, because even though we don’t fight in wars, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty, either.”
- Anonymous

The Syndicate is, essentially a group of businessmen, primarily humans, who operate outside the bounds of morality. Life isn’t black and white to these people; it’s all green to them, so long as the price is right they believe that anything can be bought.

The Syndicate operate on a strict code of morals or “honor among thieves,” through which they are strictly forbidden to betray one another. Now, business clients are a different story, and although they do not fight in wars, they have been known to start and end them with a simple business transaction, or perhaps a hired hit.

The Syndicate have significant amounts of powerful technology that serve their needs but it isn’t so extravagant that law-enforcing factions, such as the Federation, would catch on to their schemes.

The Syndicate use trade as their bread and butter; it is essential to their way of life. When dealing with the Keth and A.I. Core, they tend to play by the rules for obvious reasons. They have, however, been known to swindle the Federation and, on occasion, the Horde.