Snipe Cannon

“It’s a simple concept, really. A missile, made to explode with fire and burn all in its wake to ash. No chemicals, no lasers, just an ordinary missile. It really is beautiful in its simplicity.”
- Separatist Commander Thaddeus Ashburn

Missiles are self-propelled weapons that carry massive amounts of explosives. They consist of four distinct parts; the casing, the targeting system, the engine and the warhead itself. The Torpedo Launcher is a device that carries and is capable of firing missiles upon enemy targets. Unlike other more advanced weapons, the Torpedo launcher is fairly archaic in its design, but unmatched in its execution. The warheads inside of a modern torpedo range between one to three megatons in strength. Though the missiles do not possess highly advanced guidance systems or modern technologies, the powerful explosions they create can rip a Starship apart.