Stealth Cloak

Stealth is an important and oftentimes overlooked element of combat. The prospect of being totally and completely invisible was something of a pipe dream for many years. With current technology, this dream is now a reality. Using a series of reflective alloy sheets overlaid on the ship’s hull, the Stealth cloak can replicate the environment surrounding the ship within a margin of two percent. Though invisible to the naked eye, the ship can still be detected as a solid object using devices such as the Density Scanner. This type of technology has, in the past, been impossible to use on anything larger than a person. The issue was a lack of power, which Hydrogen Crystal Reactors now provide. The amount of power needed is still substantial, therefore the ship reactor cannot maintain tactical and shield energy levels while cloaking the ship. The Stealth Cloak is second to none when the element of surprise is your largest concern.