“The search for other life in the universe is one that is constantly progressing and consists of constantly discovering. However, when you find this precious life you have sought for so long, what do you do? You destroy it and you process it into oil, and further, into starships and weapons that serve what purpose? Ah, yes. To seek out more life. We are not excluded from this cycle; we indeed perpetuate it, as well. The only difference is that we see the irony in this existence that you seem blind to.”
- A.I. Core Designate Darforn – 12

Organic resources are defined as any and all carbon-based biological substances found in the universe. Organics are found in abundance on oceanic worlds because of the variety of aquatic and plant life on these worlds. While not incredibly valuable, organics have several applications and refinement options that make them worthy of note.

Besides being used as sources of food on independent colonies, organics can be refined into synthetic oil. This is a great way to make up for a lack of naturally-occurring oil resources on specific colonies. Oil is also a precursor to more valuable and necessary resources, such as steel.

A unique application of organics beyond these common uses is the approach that Horde have taken. In nomadic Horde fleets, much of their starships’ interiors are composed of organic life forms that work in a kind of symbiotic way with the Horde themselves. Any surplus organics are used as both food and as genetic material to further the Horde evolution and the evolution of their organic ships and fleets.