Electromagnetic Pulse

“I ask that for one moment, you consider this quandary; is energy and electricity not the same to us as blood is to you? Perhaps we will drain the blood from your bodies, though unlike electricity we have no need for such things.”
- A.I Core Designate Staler-3

Any given Starship and all of its individual components are powered by energy and electricity. These two vital elements are required for the weapons, life support, and engines of the ship to continue functioning. Drain weapons are designed to deplete a ship’s energy, thereby disabling basic functions and severly crippling the ship.

This technology functions similarly to the replenishing weapons, however the process works in reverse. Drain weapons utilize a plasma conductor and supercharge the particles in the space between the two ships as well, although once the connection has been established, the beam reverses the polarity, creating an attraction of energy within the vacuum of space. In this moment, the energy of the affected ship is akin to metal and the beam can be viewed as a super-magnet. The particles are pulled through the plasma conductor and add themselves to the energy reserves of the attacking ship. In this way, the aggressor is able to cripple their foes while simultaneously reinforcing their own defenses. A devious, but sound strategy in any battle scenario.