Star System

Star Systems are the smallest measurement of Stellar Formations. They consist of stars, planets and stations. The following is an excerpt from “The Ancestral Cycle” by Keth Elder Orachan Dovak.

“A Star System is a gathering, a coalescence of likeminded souls all bonded together. These are the ones who have come before; sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, all gone from this world. They gather here as stars and planets, together forever. We build upon these planets and we bask in the glow of these stars. Without respect, and without care, we simply desecrate these worlds that were once our own kin. You cannot hear them cry as their skin is severed and their bodies torn, and yet still they howl.

Any given Star System houses countless bases, outposts, stations, and ships. They exist like a cancer on those who have come before. As time passes ever onward, we too will one day succumb to Death’s embrace. When we are reborn as a world or set ablaze as a star, I wonder, will we remember the things we have done as our new bodies are torn asunder?”