Clusters are the second level of Stellar Formation measurement, consisting of a ten by ten region of Star Systems. The following is an excerpt from Horde General, Gorbachex Renthal’s war speech prior to the invasion of the Artemis Tao Cluster.

“You stand before me, no longer the weak and fragile beings you once were. Now you are stronger, and faster than any other beings in this universe. Our Creator gave us these bodies, but it is we who have unlocked their potential! We ask not what is impossible, but simply how to change ourselves so that the impossible becomes a mere stepping stone on our way to greatness.

This Cluster you see before you, this gathering of Star Systems, look at how it paints a path through the stars. Close your eyes and imagine all the stations, all the precious oil and ore. This universe rewards those who take what they want. Do not regret and do not hesitate, for our enemies will not.

To conquer, to slaughter and invade, that is the reason we exist. This may not be apparent to those who watch from afar, but we do indeed possess a purpose that drives our conquest. There is a method to our madness, and it is a secret we shall carry to our graves.”