Shield Energizer I

Unlike the broken and shattered remnants of a ship’s battered armor, shields are ethereal barriers that regenerate over time. . In the midst of battle or in between skirmishes, time is a dwindling resource of which none can be spared. The Shield Energizer acts as a boost to the shield integrity that can be deployed at a moment’s notice to bolster and rejuvenate the shields of an interstellar vessel. Much like a tank of fuel or a hydrogen crystal, the Shield Energizer is a fairly small device.

The technology behind it essentially compresses the energy generated by a shield into a small capsule that is inserted directly into the shield generator. These capsules contain micro reactions within the capsule that are suspended at a temperature of Absolute Zero. Within this capsule, the electrical reaction is slowed to a stop, essentially freezing it mid-reaction. Upon inserting the capsule, the temperature rises as the capsule disintegrates. The energy released is added to the shield generator’s power, boosting the strength of the shields in a matter of seconds.