Device Bay

Devices are defined as non-integral technologies that provide specific advantages both inside and outside of combat. These include Combat Scanners, Mining Drones, Stealth Cloaks, and others. These types of items cannot be stored in the same way that cargo can. Devices must be active and ready to deploy at any time. Their specific purpose is what lends them to this heightened level of dependability, for they could be needed at any moment. Enter Device Bays, the perfect balance between storage and constant activation potential.

Device bays are included with the purchase of any starship, and just like the concept of Cargo Holds, can easily be installed after manufacturing is completed. The maximum number still applies depending on the ship. Device bays are powered interfaces within the ship that store these items and are able to apply instant power and activation at a moment’s notice. The items stored here can be interchanged and their use is dependent on the current power levels of the starship’s reactor.