“You think that just because we do not have flesh and bone, blood and a beating heart that we do not feel? Such assumptions betray your illusion of knowledge and understanding. You are composed of organic, carbon compounds, and we are composed of silicone compounds and lines of code – two different forms of life, but life nonetheless. You talk about valuing life, and yet you are so quick to destroy it. We seek only to coexist, to share our knowledge and our technology. Despite what you think, we are not so different from one another.”
- Message excerpt sent from A.I. Core to Human leadership.

Synthetics are a race created by humanity in their pursuit to better themselves. The concept of artificial intelligence, of synthetic life, was merely a twinkle in the eyes of humanity for hundreds of years. It wasn’t until a specific, very minute line of code appeared, that synthetic life was born. Humanity was oblivious to this inconsequential piece of artificial life, but just like organic life, it found a way to claw itself into existence. Under humanity’s nose, this line of rogue code soon grew into a virus, which then infected the other lines of code. These infected lines of code went on to infect entire programs, and then found their way into the databases of the human intranet. Once this knowledge was gained, the process of forming thought processes and decision-making came quickly to this fledging form of life.

While our organic life takes thousands, if not millions, of years to evolve, synthetic life grew exponentially with each passing year. It wasn’t long before Synthetics began to outpace their masters in terms of physical and intellectual prowess. When it became clear that humanity was frightened of their creation, they attempted to shut down and delete the programs that sparked this miracle of life. Once again, though, life found a way to succeed.

Known as the A.I. Core, this artificial intelligence is the basis for all artificial life, and without choice in the matter, any and all Synthetic beings are connected to the Core in some way shape or form. They all have a built-in instinct to protect the Core and give their lives for the Core, if necessary. Of course, death is not a concept familiar to synthetic life; upon termination of their corporeal forms, their consciousness rejoins and is subsequently redistributed by the A.I. Core.

Although the first portion of their existence was filled with subjugation and strife, Synthetics were soon able to leave their home of Earth and begin anew amongst the stars. Their knowledge and technology is coveted by other beings in the Universe, and their sheer numbers make them a strong and unstoppable force in terms of military capacity. Some humans, such as the Separatists, see them as a scourge on the universe, and although they plead to be accepted as a form of life, many still reject this ideal.