“As humans, we were blank canvases, begging to be sculpted into something more. Genetics, our very DNA, are foundations that should be built upon. We have the tools; therefore, we must act. We must be stronger, faster, and more powerful than any other human, synthetic, Keth, or any other creatures this universe hides from our view. We do not exist to make friends or to trade; we exist to become stronger and to crush all those who would dare stand in our way!”
- Battle cry of Horde General Fyrgoth Gormax

The Horde refers to a group of genetically mutated humans who prioritize a nomadic and barbaric way of life, centered around constant battles and warfare. Their genetic mutations have given them unique physical and mental attributes, which have been honed through generations of living in harsh environments and engaging in combat. It's worth noting that the term "Horde" is often used to describe a variety of different groups, each with their own distinct culture and practices. While they share a common focus on warfare and a nomadic lifestyle, the specific beliefs and traditions of each Horde can vary widely. Nonetheless, their genetic mutations have made them formidable opponents, and they are widely feared and respected in many regions.