Galaxies are almost impossible to conceive in their size. They are used as the largest increment of Stellar Measurement as there exists no other collective formation that is larger. Though much documentation exists regarding the formation and structure of Galaxies, it is the following excerpt from an underground manuscript that has garnered the most attention amongst the various races of the galaxies.
“You ever wonder what it would be like to just float up and over a galaxy? I mean, just look down on all those stars, constellations, planets and people. It would be like taking a flight into the atmosphere of the universe and everyone below you would be nothing but microscopic pinpoints.

Honestly though, I would just wanna see that sight before I die. I’m not gonna be around much longer. Your lifespan seems to diminish rapidly when you borrow money from the wrong people and don’t pay them back. I’m gonna keep running, sure, but the Galaxy is a big place. Bigger than anything I can imagine. What’s funny though is that even if I could cross it, they would just keep on chasing me.

I’ve seen pictures, but it’s not the same. I’m not much for sentimental stuff, but part of me hopes we float when we die. Ya know, like leave our bodies and just float up into the sky. I hope we do, because I wanna see that sight, just once. Who am I kidding, if there’s a hell, then the devil’s got my name at the top of his list. Still, a man can dream.”