Genesis Torpedo

One of the widely regarded theories for the creation of the Universe is known as the Big Bang Theory. This theory posits that the universe began as infinitely small mass that quickly expanded and cooled. As this occurred the lighter elements such as Hydrogen and Helium formed into galaxies and stars. The heavier elements formed into planets. This formation took millions of years, as dust particles and cosmic fog collapsed into a disc and, under the influence of gravity, pushed it together to form larger particles. This process repeated until a planet was formed.

With the creation of the Genesis Torpedo, this process happens in a matter of minutes and on a much smaller scale. The exact science behind the device is kept under wraps for many reasons. The chief of which being that the science could be used to upset the balance of planet types in the universe, should it be perfected. As it stands, the Genesis Torpedo creates a random planet type which can be influenced by the presence of stars nearby. While Temperate Planets are rare, the lack of a star in proximity will surely result in a Gas Giant or Ice Planet. It is also worth noting that the presence of a Class O star will result in a Volcanic Planet.