Imperial Cruiser

“Those who have proven invaluable to the Federation are rewarded with the infinite power of the Imperial Cruiser, so that they may continue the ongoing battle of maintaining peace in the universe.”

This impressive and formidable vessel known as the Imperial Cruiser comes with it a price not only in currency, but in reputation. This closely guarded and incredibly advanced vessel is not available to any miner or colonist that shows an interest in it. Those who have proven themselves loyal to the Federation are offered the opportunity to purchase this vessel. If such an offer is given, many lack the funds to make such a purchase.

Should one make the investment, they will find their money was well spent. The Imperial Starship wields formidable and intimidating power. It also carries a faster than light drive within its engines. With this, the ship’s mobility and power combine to create a vessel that is truly a symbol of the power that modern starships wield.