A Quadrant on the Stellar Map is defined as one fourth of a total Galaxy. This measurement system was established as a universal way of dividing celestial space. Upon acceptance of the new system, a statement was released by the A.I Core. The statement was as follows:

“Organic species tend to lean toward the side of chaos and anarchy. It is not an opinion, but a fact. It is your limited minds that predispose you to this way of living. Though we accept your terms of this rudimentary system of measurement, we cannot help but feel the irony that permeates from this entire charade.

You are chaotic, and some part of you knows this. Be you Keth, Human, or Horde, you have seen your darker and less presentable sides and you fear them. You impose order on yourselves to limit the chaos within you. We are aware of our flaws and our imperfections. We approach each second with a sound and clear mind. The same cannot be said of you.

Quadrants represent a fourth, one of the most basic fractions in existence. Despite your choice of measurement and our seemingly infinite knowledge, I fear we will never truly understand your kind. ”