Class K Star

Class K Stars, otherwise known as Orange Dwarfs, are Hydrogen burning stars that can remain stable for an incredibly long period of time. This lifetime can range from fifteen, to thirty billion years. These stars are both common and able to provide proper conditions to support life on planets that orbit them. Because of this, they are sought after when searching for both alien life, and suitable worlds to colonize on.

The following is an excerpt from the Keth religious text known as the “Tablets of Honor”.

“The greatest gift that one can bestow upon those around them is the precious gift of wisdom. Wisdom is a resource that takes years, if not centuries to cultivate. It is a crop that requires constant tending and passes down through generations before it is fully grown. There are those who harvest this crop in their lifetimes. The Elders, the Sages, these are the ones who find themselves reborn as seemingly immortal giants, burning with the wisdom they have accrued in their lifetimes.

A star that burns for hundreds of lifetimes is a fitting vessel for these profound souls. Just as they were in their lives, a beacon of hope and knowledge, so too shall they be a place where Keth both young and old can sit by their warm fire and listen to the tales they weave from the vast seas of their wisdom and knowledge.

I do not wish to see this wisdom perish in the endless fire, and so these souls will be the last to fall when this universe is consumed. Should anything rise from the ashes that the endless fire leaves, I pray that those creatures, whoever they may be, retain at least a fleeting glimpse of the knowledge that these elders have cultivated for so very long.”