Class A Star

Class A Stars are the more common of the stars visible to the naked eye in the universe. They are fairly young in their stages of development and burn between seven thousand and ten thousand Kelvins in temperature. These types of stars are safe for passing ships and have a neutral effect on local planets.

The following is an excerpt from the Keth religious text known as the “Tablets of Honor”.

“They will look at you, sweet child, and they will feel a quiet awe as they gaze upon your modest fire.. They won’t remember your name and they won’t call you as your mother did when you were young. They will see you, pay you a passing glance, and continue on their way. These stars, which will one day be called as such, are not simple spheres of burning gas and fire. No, these are your children. The ones you sent to battle, the ones you pushed to the edge, and the ones you couldn’t save.

Born, and alive for only a short time, they shall be reborn. I know this because my eyes do not see time as you do. I do not live and die as these creations I have fostered. I am eternal and undying, and though I go to rest between the stars, I have seen what you will call them, and I have seen how you will forget them, these children you raised and wept for when their lives were cut short. You will mourn them, and then you will forget them.”