Constellations are the third level of Stellar Formation measurement. These consist of a ten by ten grid of Clusters or a one hundred by one hundred region of Star Systems. The following is an excerpt from one of the last known Separatist Manifestos, entitled “Maker of the Stars”

“Look up, won’t you? Stare deep into the skies above your world. Ask yourself now, did all those blazing stars and countless planets simply appear? And if they did, then how is it that each one fell into just the right place? Even more importantly, how did the one you stand upon now have just the right collection of environmental and geological conditions to foster life?

At this time you will reveal the kind of person you are. You are either spouting out nonsense about science and evolution, or you are simply speechless. If my questions have stayed your tongue, do not fret, for you possess more knowledge and sense than any scientist or robotic machine.

The constellations you see in the night sky are not accidents. They are not results of happenstance or chance, they are creations. Hand crafted and placed in the endless void of space with infinite knowledge and understanding. Never forget that He made you, and He made the stars you gaze upon each night. As you sail through His domain, pay Him the respect He deserves.”