Human Colonist

“Curiosity is not an emotion reserved for any one race or being. Be you human, synthetic, Keth, Horde, or something else entirely, it matters not. Be you large or small, intelligent or barbaric, you all feel it, too. When you look up into the stars, you can’t help but wonder what lies out there. What worlds, races and knowledge are simply waiting to be discovered?”
- Excerpt from the inaugural speech of Federation Admiral Borsch

Colonists are essential to creating a colony that is both thriving and profitable. These men and women of varying races and factions have many reasons for wanting to leave their home. Some desire to see the sights, smells, and experiences that the universe has to offer. Others wish to leave their overcrowded planets. Still others have gained a reputation on their home that leaves them no choice but to start anew, where the judgment of others is not a constant boon to their quality of life.

The cargo holds on modern starships allow for colonists to be transported from one colony to another. This is useful not only for expanding colonies to other worlds, but also for preventing overcrowding on specific colonies. Each planet has a maximum population size that should be considered when transporting colonists. Having too many colonists on a single world results in the surplus resources being consumed, which adversely affects the production rates of the colony.

Though colonists are regarded as a resource in the technical sense, it is worth noting that these are living, thinking beings that deserve basic respects and rights. Such legislation was put forth by the Federation in the early days of the faction. Known as the Citizens’ Rights Act, it outlines specific rights and privileges that are entitled to colonist. Though such legislature is not part of every faction’s doctrine, these universal rights should be given to any and all colonists regardless of race or faction.